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One of our founders, Raj Yadav, who is a tech & first-generation entrepreneur, has been running a successful IT company, all by himself with a fierce passion to help other entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.

He belongs to a small village of Uttar Pradesh where the main occupation is farming. One day, his father, who belonged to a farmer background, had to visit all the way to the market to buy some specific seeds. Even after travelling a distance of 8-10km he did not get the specific seeds he was looking for. Now the only option he had was to travel some 20kms more to the big market of the district and purchase the seed he wanted. But who guarantees that he would get the seeds of his choice with the best quality and the brand he wants, even availability too? This non-accessibility of input Agri products is a big challenge for every farmer of India. Besides streamlining the negative part, let's say the farmer gets the required seeds of his choice, but by this time he had already spent more than hundred rupees in commuting a distance of almost 5-30 kms to buy a two hundred rupees seed. This becomes another challenge for every farmer of India where the cost of purchase becomes more expensive.

This is where Agri Junction was born to provide our farmers with a complete range of agricultural products at their fingertips. We then decided to come up with an online platform that would bring accessibility of quality agricultural products and personalized advisory by leveraging technology offering for farmer empowerment.

Coming from an IT background, Raj, used all his professional skills and did in-depth requirement analysis and strategic planning to finally develop India’s foremost Agri- Tech start-up AGRI JUNCTION. This online platform is now able to provide best quality Agri products to the farmers in different states even internationally, to their doorstep. Agri junction not only solves the purpose of online delivery and easy accessibility but also offers Agri input products with a variety of options available from different brands and in best quality.

Today we are successful in delivering 8000+ seeds, compost, fertilizer, tools to different states adding a small happiness to the farmers life by making it a little easier for them.


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Eminent business leaders, tech entrepreneurs and agriculturist are a part of Agrijunction community.

They are deeply involved in all aspects of to become the most trusted and innovative team in agriculture. Our R&D is focused on what our customers need. We aim to be the company that works together with stakeholders to make agriculture ever more sustainable.

Vinod Kumar
Harvard University Executive Director/Advisor
Gaurav Kumar
IIT, IIM Banglore Co-Founder, COO
Dheeraj Singh Sajwan
Deputy Financial Officer
Abhishek Srivastava
Head- Operations
Anand Kumar
Head- Business & Vendor Relations Vendor Relations
Piyush Halmare
Head- Business Development Development (MP & Maharashtra)
HR Manager